Why am I so tired?

These past few days I have been overdrafting on my sleep bank... I spent most of May, June and first half of July practically awake and working every waking moment. But last week... I spent much of last week it sleeping yet as I sit here tonight and write this blog post my right eye takes a peek at the clock and dreams about being in bed. I've been sleeping early, way early for my usual standards, and just looking at my laptop with some type of blah look. Really, I see it and contemplate walking towards it and get some work done but instead I make a u-turn for my room and jump on my cuddly bed. I'm not quite sure if I'm ill as it is not fully apparent. Perhaps I am tired, exhausted. I find myself wishing it was time to rest during the day and dreading having to wake up in the mornings to get out of bed. What is wrong with me? Yawn. I think my body is just telling me to slow down a tad bit and breathe, really breathe. It's better to be a little lazy in my down time than a lazy and unproductive photographer on the day my clients need me. At least that's how I have justified all my recent naps ;)

As per the lack of recent blog posts, I'm sorry internet. But as a mini-apology I bid you goodnight with a peek from one of my recent brides soon to wed...
 Happy Wednesday!!!!! ;)