Illiana ♥ 2010 Bride

How many of you have planned a wedding in a month? Yes, you read correct, one month! I think Illiana deserves an award... she planned a beautiful wedding in such a short time frame and I had so much fun attending both as her friend and photographer. Last week Illiana scheduled her bridal session so we could capture some relaxed portraits in her beautiful wedding gown. I had been waiting all week to post them because she radiates in her beautiful gown! Illiana you are gorgeous and make me want to look just as beautiful as you did on your wedding day.

The Saturday was early in the morning but down here in the south it hardly makes any difference in weather conditions. The day was hot and oh-so-humid but my beautiful bride pulled of her session with out a hitch. We waddled around the area and she was such a trooper always making sure we captured the look we were going for. I had a lot of fun and I feel special because as a photographer I get to look at so many amazing gowns and the brides who wear them beautifully and proud. Like my friend Illiana...

I'll end with this one... sisterly love :) Thank you Kristine for being such a trooper and a great assistant!
Happy Saturday!