Wedding: Vanessa and David ♥ Edinburg, Texas

When I first met Vanessa I never would have imagined two of the following: One, that she and I would become really great and close friends, and, two, that I would photograph her wedding. I met her 11 months ago and since then we have really learned to laugh both with and at one another. She makes Monday through Friday bearable for me and helps bring laughter into my day when I desperately need it. I can say something and she's witty enough to understand the joke I am trying to make. When we hang out all you hear is laughter and later complaining about our cheeks being in pain from all the giggling. 

You'll remember Vanessa and David's engagement session from back in May. When I was photographing them two I witnessed first hand the love they share for one another in  the way they look at each other. Their glances are full of emotion. I know Vanessa and David will enjoy a lifetime of happiness and I look forward to growing and maturing and still being friends when when our hair turns silver and our bellies don't quite look well and we can no longer fit into our favorite pairs of jeans ;).

The day of the wedding was just like their engagement session, with a lot more spectators. Vanessa and David enjoyed a day of laughter, family, friends and lots of love. During their every move that day, their happiness was evident. Vanessa looked every part the bride in her beautiful wedding gown and David looked his very best as the handsome groom. The two of them together looked liked they were just meant for one another -and they are.
The last photo was one of my favorites. Congratulations David & Vanessa! I wish you many blessings and a beloved and happy marriage! Most importantly, thank you for allowing me to share your special day as your wedding photographer and friend.

Happy Thursday :)