Roman & Illiana.... Engaged! ♥

When I was in 5th grade I knew a little boy in my class. He was taller than me, had short hair and wore round glasses. He, like the rest of the boys in our class, liked to pick on the girls on occasion. Granted, other boys were more malicious than he was, he still picked on me at least once. I grew up and so did this little boy and we both went off to middle school and later high school. Our paths never really crossed much other than the occasional "I went to school with that kid when I was younger" conversation that pops up when various middle schools merge into one freshmen class in highschool

In middle school I met a young lady named Illiana with a charming personality and extremly black and curly hair. She was a little loud but oh-so-funny. It wasn't until high school that we became really great friends and to this day I enjoy meeting up with her. Illiana was the typical All-American high school student. She was a varisty cheerleader, in student council and full of peppy smiles. I am more than sure that it was her great qualities along with her radiant smile that caught the eye of a special young man. Roman, the little boy I went to elementary school with, fell in love with Illiana. 

The high school sweethearts dated all the way through college and have grown together as a couple. Illiana and I saw many of our friends get engaged and married and we'd look to each other and I am sure we thought the same thing.... When will that be me?

Roman and Illiana love each other. It's been a fairytale they've lived for the past 8 years. Yes, you read right... 8 years! Chris made me wait 6 years but I definitely think Roman takes the trophy on this one. Kidding aside, I certainly didn't mind waiting so long for Chris to pop the question and I have no doubt Illiana would not have had it any other way either. Roman and Illiana share a fond love for one another, they are definitely ready to marry one another.

Illiana, I am beyond excited for your upcoming wedding and all the great new things the Lord is blessing you and Roman with. I wish you the best in your marriage and a beautiful and healthy family. Roman, take care of my friend Illiana and take care of yourself always so that two of you can raise beautiful children together. God bless you both and I look forward to photographing your wedding this coming Friday!

Happy Monday :)