Life is Good, Smile :)

No matter how much I loved photography, I never really thought I would pursue it one hundred percent after college graduation. Law school seemed to be the thing I wanted most. And yes, sometimes it still is, but I must admit that my camera is so much more interesting to me. All things start out with a dream, an idea. Last year I thought I would use the summer before leaving for school and pursue photography. It was the first free summer I had in a long time and I wanted to enjoy it but still be productive. Summer went and has come by again and I am still here. But I am very happy working as a photographer, I love it! 

I love the people I get to meet and I love talking to those who love me talk about what I do. Most of all, I love all the people who believe in me as an artist and see my creativity in the things I dream about. When my brother Nolan flew me New Orleans last May for an engagement session with his fiancee, I never really thought about the road, or in this case - sky, I would take for a brand new journey. 

On the plane ride I pondered about how I would feel photographing my subjects in broad daylight and in public. I thought about the possibility of people staring or asking me to move away. I wondered if I was even qualified to photograph in public in downtown NOLA. It may have been the fear of flying that caused my brain to ponder every fear and detail, but when I stepped downtown the next day and began the session I remember not one of those single thoughts crossing my mind. 

It felt natural and made me smile. I've already thanked Isabel and Nolan a million times for allowing me the opportunity. The unknowingly or perhaps willingly pushed me in a direction I have never felt lost in, and for that I thank them a million times more. Nolan and Isabel, Thank you. You two are partly the reason I have gotten to where I am today with my photography business.

I've previously blogged their engagement session. You can view the photos here... Nolan & Isabel 
But today I found some photos I took at their wedding. I was not their photographer for their wedding day but I brought along my little camera to practice photographing a wedding. It's safe to say, technically, this was my first wedding...

Have a happy Tuesday!