Chinese Food.

It's been a great weekend for me, has it for you? I finally had the opportunity to spend a Saturday afternoon with my handsome fiance, I ate at a Chinese food restaurant TWICE in one day, and I actually tried something new... eating Chinese food. Whoah, I'm so wild, aren't I? I know, I should behave better... ha, but in reality this weekend was great and I hope to have many more Saturday afternoons with Chris more often. On the Chinese food, I should warn you - I am the definition of a picky eater. It's the worst thing :( but I manage to survive on the few things I do enjoy eating. My limited palate makes having lunch with and inviting me to dinner a tedious task. But for those brave ones who do and bear with me, thank you. I have to agree, part of the reason I am a picky eater is because I sometimes just don't want to try something new. 

This weekend some of my gal friends and I surprised a friend of ours with a bridal shower in her honor. Because we were so busy and everything was last minute, we decided on a restaurant dinner and gifts. The restaurant, some place called P.F. Changs down here in the Rio Grande Valley. I didn't know it was a Chinese cusine and they wouldn't give me a kid's menu. Alas, the kids menu, the waitress informed me, was just mini versions of the regular menu. I opted for a salad, and, no, I don't like salads either. But I felt brave ;)

When all the food arrived everyone suggested I try some of their meal, so I did. And I'm glad I did. I don't know what came over me but I said "Sure!" and with my fork picked from everyone's plate like it was a buffet. Such manners, right? I know, I know but I think I was still in the buffet mentality since Chris had taken me to - wait for it - a Chinese buffet restaurant earlier in the day. Manners aside, I'm glad the gals encouraged me and I was capable of thinking "free" and letting go of a little inhibition... I'd like to announce publicly that I will certainly be trying much more different foods than the usual five things I eat. My dietary pyramid will definitely be experiencing more than one food group.

To recap, I tried something new this weekend and it felt great. So you, my beloved friend, should attempt to do the same. Maybe you already like Chinese food, that's okay. But I'm sure there's been something you'd like to do but haven't for whatever reason. Don't over think it, just do it! I leave you know with one shot from Saturday's bridal session. ♥
Have an amazing week!