Engaged....JD and Greg ♥

Once upon a time I met a lovely young woman named Jessica on a an early fall evening as I inquired about joining Delta Zeta. I remember going to a second night event and I remember listening to this same young woman speak about the bonds of sisterhood and what it meant to care for one another in the chapter. I think I was hooked and as I became a Delta Zeta myself I admired the leadership skills of my new friend and my new sister Jessica. JD, as we like to call her, recently graduated college last year and has begun a prospering career. When she became engaged the chapter was exited and delighted for her. A few months ago we sat together with a couple of sisters around a Christmas dinner. Jessica then asked me to photograph her engagement session and she was full of ideas. 

Immediately, of course, I pondered away and wished for the warm weather to arrive quickly. December left and January came... as well as February, March, April and May. Finally, a few weeks ago we made the time and the commitment to shoot her engagement session and Greg found a perfect location. Jessica and Greg were so much fun to spend the early Saturday morning with.... I laughed every minute of their session. Greg is a fun and caring gentleman with eyes only for his lovely bride. Jessica is an intelligent and driven young woman with a heart full of love for her fiance. Together they make for one beautiful and loving couple with a very caring heart for each other and the world. 

On a quite more personal note, Jessica I want to thank you for being you... for being strong and for encouraging me always with your caring words. You gave me strength when you looked me in the eye and said you believed in me and called me talented. You could have called me a duck and I would have believed I was with the passion you spoke to me. I am blessed to have you as a sister and I look forward to your wedding day. Thank you for placing your trust in me on a little slice of your wedding. I wish you every blessing in the world and all the happiness your heart can contain. Congratulations to you and Greg!

Have a good night and a greater tomorrow :)