A simple kind of love... JD and Greg Engagement Preview ;)

I seriously considered heading to my bedroom, climbing in my bed and cuddling with Roberto until I fell into deep slumber. I've worked all afternoon and evening and caught up on a lot of stuff and naturally I am back to feeling tired. But I dared not go to bed without writing just a few words here and giving you a peek at JD and Greg's engagement session from a few weeks ago. Jessica, you may remember her from the Dominguez siblings post a few weeks back, had scheduled her engagement session with me a little more than a year ago! The wait, I believe, was well worth it. Jessica has hired a super-talented wedding photographer for her upcoming wedding so I will enjoy the day fully as a guest :) But she wanted me to take her engagement pictures and I was delighted. I can't wait to show you the rest but for now, I bid you goodnight and leave you bloggernet with one simple photograph of an extraordinary love ♥.
Now, I can go to sleep peacefully and with something less tugging at my to do list ;)

Good night and have a pleasantly amazing day tomorrow!!!