Senior 2010... Beautiful Britney

Yay! It's Monday... start of a brand new week :) I had an eventful weekend and part of it included photographing a wedding on a boat. No kidding, as I type this I feel like my body is rocking side to side or something.... I was afraid I would get seasick since I get carsick (sometimes even when I drive!) but surprisingly I did not, which I'm sure the bride appreciated ;) Ha, no but really I'm glad I don't get seasick but I almost sure I am uncontrollably swaying front to back...hmm.... 

Anyway, I'm glad to be back on land today and ready to take on the challenging week ahead. I am so blessed to enjoy a life full of hard work and play. I am even more blessed to be surrounded by people with beautiful souls and caring hearts - this includes my fiance, my family, my friends, and my clients. I am very thankful that every client I meet has etched a little piece of themselves into my heart. Each one is so kind and caring and most certainly make me feel like I am more than just a hired photographer. To you, my clients, I thank you.

I bid you my dear reader farwell for the day and I hope you accomplish all you wish for today. Have a beautiful day and an amazing week. I leave you now with some photos of a senior I photographed a few weeks ago. Britney is a beautiful young lady ready to conquer the world. She graduated high school and is ready to embark on her college career. I wish Britney the best in life and bid her congratulations.

Smile :)