L.O.V.E. Candace & Billy - Engagement!

I am 5'2 inches and that's because I round up... Candace is, well, I don't know her exact height stats but she's quite taller than me. Billy, he's tall, too. The three of us together for their engagement session... challenging but oh so fun.... Candace and Billy flew in from El Paso a few weeks ago for their engagement session and I was delighted to get to spend some time with them. We met on a Friday late in the afternoon but the weather was quite hot. Regardless, we made it through the sticky heat and walked around North McAllen for some fun shots.

I know Candace because she is my sorority sister. Eventually, I met Billy and I was estatic when they became engaged last fall. Back when we were seniors in college (we graduated together ) Candace asked me to take some senior portraits. So I guess, technically, she was my first official paying customer. Soon after graduation Candace left and was stationed to El Paso. A year passed and she came home for Christmas one day with a beautiful sparkly ring on her left hand finger. Some of the girls were together to celebrate the holiday season and enjoy a Christmas party. It was a pot luck but no one cooked any of the meal... ha ha! Amidst our table full of store-bought goodies, wedding conversation struck up. Then, she said it. And I was, truthfully, a bit speechless but jumping for joy inside. She said she wanted me to be her wedding photographer... Me?! O-M-Gosh!!! I tried to keep composure, I was pro now, remember?

Indeed, she hired me on the spot. She knew I had no prior wedding experience but said something I'll never forget, she trusted me. Of course I'll do it! I practically shouted and I am looking forward to Candace and Billy's December wedding. They are a great couple and are full of giggles and love for each other. It's a bummer they are so far away, okay so they could be further.... but El Paso is still far from here so I was excited to shoot their photos and catch up.

By the time their wedding comes around later this year I will have a few weddings under my belt. But, her's was the first wedding I booked and I am so glad I get to be a part of it. Candace, thank you for placing your trust in me. I am very grateful. I wish you and Billy every happiness and all of the blessings in life. I'll be seeing you both soon ;)
Candace and Billy I'm excited for your wedding! Happy Thursday :)