Cynthia and Orlando... Engaged and soon to be married!

Thursday's are date night for Chris and I. We are both extremely busy but once Thursday evening comes around, computers are shut down, books are closed and all this photography and medical school stuff comes to a minute halt. The evening together consists of some form of dinner and dessert followed by a movie of our choosing. We take turns on picking out the meal and restaurant and, unfortunately, I never get to pick the movie. Not to fret, Chris is considerate to my taste, in both movies and food, so whatever he choses is what I want to see anyway (usually...)

Last Thursday as I quickly scrambled through my temporary office and tried to finish some important emails before Date Night commenced, I got a phone call. I contemplated answering and just having the caller leave me a voicemail to check later. Afterall, I still had to get dressed and be ready in less than fifteen minutes. But I went ahead and took the call and I am glad I did. On the other end of a line was the sound of a sweet young woman, a bride. She quickly got the point... she needed a photographer and needed one soon. 

Me! Me! Me! I thought to myself ;)

After a finding out the details of her wedding and what she wanted from her wedding photographer, I hoped she'd pick me. The wedding she described was exactly the type of weddings I enjoy. Cinthya and Orlando were recently engaged and I had the honor of capturing that special glow their love shows. When I met them the next day I realized how much Cinthya and Orlando had in common with myself. Throughout their session I would smile because I saw their love, it's real. Photographing them was so easy and getting to know them was the best part. 

Cinthya and Orlando, I am delighted to have met you and wish you every happiness in the world. God will shower you with a blessed marriage, I know it. Congratulations on your engagement and I hope you are excited for your wedding tomorrow.
To the happy couple, God Bless! To you my faithful reader and friend, God Bless.

Good night :)