If you're from my area then you'll know about the thunderstorm from yesterday... if not, we'll there was a bad one here in south texas and it caused hefty flooding in some areas. I was stranded at the office until 6 PM because I didn't want to get stuck in the flooding...hmmm.... I should have listened to both Chris and my mother who heavily advised me to wait a little longer. But I suppose I ran out of patience and I'm afraid of lightning - so I made the trip home. Ha! I should have so listened to my mother! Sure enough, cars were getting stranded in the flooding waters left and right. 

And where was I? In my itty bitty Honda Hybrid - driving through the waters as if I was on the highest tires possible. Don't get me wrong, I drove very careful and slow and it took me an hour and a half to get home where the trip is usually twelve minutes. I maneuvered itty-bitty-self around the streets still "drivable" until I was a block away from home. Then, yup you guessed it, a huge and unavoidable flood area... right in front of my house :(

I stopped a few houses before my street and thought, should I just step on it and just get stuck on my street? I immediately heard my dad yelling at me in my mind. Ha, I thought to myself, I'm going for it. And I did. Thankfully my electricity had come back on and I was able to open my garage gate on the first try and swoop right onto higher ground. Whew! I wished my dad would have seen my skills ;) Anyway, I few months ago my car had a little itty accident and the bottom part of what I'd call the bumper sort of fell off... and it was fixed a few weeks ago. Point of my rambling story? The bumper is once again drooping... and really should be pulled off. I guess the water in front of my house was just a bit grouchy I had avoided it the whole hour before. It's okay, though.... I made it home safely just before the storm started up again ;)

Here's the bumper-disliker ;)
Sweet Dreams :)