Vroom...Vroom... There's lightning flashing through my room ;)

Harley, my Great Dane, is cuddled warmly inside his recently built mansion outside. My chihuahuas and poodles are tucked away in their soft pillows near my bed. My room is quiet until the thunder sounds off again... it's a thunderstorm down here in the Rio Grande Valley and thankfully I made it home safe today. When I went for lunch today I noticed how hot and sticky the air felt. It wasn't heat, it was humidity that was making people sweat. After lunch the sun hid away and thundering clouds came instead... with way too many flashes of lighting! But after an hour on the road maneuvering against the flooding waters that quite frankly resembled the Rio Grande, I made it safely to my cozy home :) God is Good!

At one point, I actually saw a gentleman riding through the flood waters in his motorcycle - sans helmet! Frankly, sans anything: umbrella, coat, cap. Nothing but his sunglasses, ha! Brave man, I tell ya' or at least one who was just as suprised by the thunderstorms as everyone else ;) Anyway, since I finally made it home and I wanted to blog before (in case) the electricity runs out the gentleman and his bike reminded me of a recent shoot I worked on for the Edinburg Road Runners 2010 Diamond Dolls sponsored by Harley Davidson. 

When I was first approached to photograph the Diamond Girls I was both excited and a tad bit intimidated. I can be the prudest of the prude sometimes and would cover everyone up with a turtleneck if I could ;) Okay, I'm kidding - but I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to shooting "sexy". On the upside, however, the shoot was to be sexy but still appeal to the common family. I figured I  could handle that, right? Hmm.... 

The day was long but fun nonetheless and the girls, all twelve of them, were real troopers :) I'd like to thank Allie & Jeremy from the Edinburg Roadrunners, the 2010 Diamond Dolls and Harley Davidson in Mission, Texas for the fun opportunity and trust in my photography. I had fun and I hope they very much enjoyed the pictures. Here's a peek at some of the shots... 
If you're in my area, be safe during this stormy weather :)

Happy Monday :)