Life is S.W.E.E.T. :)

Whoah! Bloggernet... I've neglected you. I'm sorry :(

Being busy is no excuse, really - BUT - I really have been extremely busy! Good news, though, is that I've been busy because of photography :) Yay! It brings a smile to my face. I've spent the past few weeks photographing some fun sessions and my first wedding... yes, my first wedding!!!! Nathan and Mary, congratulations!!!! I am honored to have been a part of your special day. I wish you the best in your marriage full of God's blessings. I'll be blogging wedding photos very soon :) I also have a very important and special announcement that I've been meaning to blog about but I don't want to randomly blurt it out to you internet. I want it to be a special blog post... because it is a very special announcement :) For now, I just want you my dear reader to know that I have not forgotten you - I've been feverishly working away :) Regardless, I enjoy being busy... it means my life is sweet :) And because pictures make words lots more fun, here is a picture from another party I organized and made decorations for... yummy cupcakes ;)