Weddings are full of love... ;)

Sometimes I think I have become infatuated with all things wedding and love probably because I have  recently become engaged. But then - a split second later - I think about how I've been obsessed with weddings since before Chris ever though about proposing... more than six years ago! So I think I am just a normal girl with a little bit bigger obsession for all things sparkly, weddings and everything about love. Last weekend I photographed my very first wedding... and guess what? I survived :) Nathan and Mary hired me as their wedding photographer and were scheduled to be wed in their home state Kansas... but a few weeks ago they emailed me and asked if I was available for a sooner date, a much sooner date. We quickly planned something and worked out the details. Thus, what would have been my second wedding turned into my first. I was nervous but definitely much more excited. I love weddings and the nerves quickly faded away. More on their wedding soon...

Yesterday I had the opportunity to hang out with lots of really talented and cool photographers from around my area, the Rio Grande Valley. It was an organized hang out with models and lots of tips... I'd like to thank David Pezzat for inviting me :) I'm really glad I went and although I am quite the shy-introvert at first, I hope I get to mingle with these faboulous group of people some more throughout my career. I'd also like to thank Eddie Gonzalez for teaching us the "white towel method"... it is a new trick I will certainly add to my bag ;) More on what I learned at the hangout later ;)

I'll be blogging the pictures sometime next week but I'll leave you with a look at the groom.
Happy Thursday ;)