2010 Pharr HUB Phestival

I don't know if you recall, but a few weeks ago I mentioned in a post I was hired to photograph the City of Pharr's 2010 HUB Phestival... remember? If you don't, it's okay... I just told you ;) Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of working behind the scenes during the festival as the photographer for the day. My day was long and started pretty early with a late ending but the experience was well worth it. I enjoyed sitting back and viewing the event through my camera. It was really nice to see people smile at me in hopes of having their picture taken. And it was really, really nice to get all access! Ahh, the perks :)

Two weeks, loads of water, and a really bad sunburn later... I have realized I really enjoy photographing my surroundings. As I have spent the past days editing the batch of photos from the festival, I find myself amazed at what the camera can capture... the beauty of humanity. But well before I get philosophical on you tonight, I'll end this now and leave you with a few pictures from the parade and the festival. I'd like to personally thank the City of Pharr for allowing me the exciting opportunity and a special thanks to Mr. Gary Rodriguez for seeing talent in my work. I hope the job I have done as the photographer can speak for itself and bring me lots of more fun opportunities... minus the bad tan lines ;)

I'm really sleepy and very much tired so I bid you good night and come back to read tomorrow! I have many announcements to tell you :)

Happy Tuesday ;)