April Showers bring May Flowers.

I am currently 24 years old. I've been driving since I was 20. Yes, you've read right. I became a liscenced driver at the tender age of 20. What?!!! Don't be alarmed... I've gained some experience in the past few years ;) In the short time I have been a driver I've experienced some interesting road rage moments, some other weird drivers and, thankfully, minimal traffic. All that has changed this weekend - thanks to the beautiful thunderstorms the Rio Grande Valley has been having. The first time I drove in the rain I was nervous, but I overcame it. This past December I felt comfortable and confident driving around the valley while it rained {aka drizzled}. Fast forward to Friday and yesterday and it's a whole different story.

Friday and especially yesterday I have been caught in the bad thunderstorm driving to my specific destinations. It was scary and oh-so-heart stopping. I love thunderstorms - when I'm safe at home! Not so much when I'm driving in my little Honda with no tinted windows - imagine the brightess of the lightning! Yes, I was scared. But I remembered God loves me and if a lighting bolt was meant for me then I just had to accept it ;) Really, though, I feel like I've added another notch on my adult life belt - driving in thunderstorms. And I survived - could this be a metaphor for my life? Why thank you God ;)

Ooohhh! I'm "on-call" for a newborn session... Baby will be born anytime within the next two weeks. I feel like a doctor, kinda' :)
Happy Sunday :)