Come along for the ride with me.

This morning I gave a presentation to the collegiate chapter of Delta Zeta at the Univeristy of Texas Pan American about DZ Fashion - Dress to Impress. I felt honored to have been chosen but panicked for a split second about whether I was the appropriate alumna for the topic. Then I realized, Hey! I definitely am! Frumpy is typically my style but because I choose to be comfortable. But I love a great fitting pencil skirt, beautiful jewelry and ah-mazing shoes... I do have somewhat of a sense of fashion. More importantly, however, dressing to impress is something I have taken much more interest since college graduation. Pursuing a career definitely requires presentation, on all levels including personal appearance. As I dressed this morning and looked through my closet, I asked myself What kind of impression do I want to make to my audience? I want my peers to respect me - to value my knowledge and expertise. So as I sat there quietly trying to organize my thoughts before I had the floor I thought this opportunity came at a  perfect timing in my career - my photography career.

Back in February I had a meeting with a prospective client. She sounded so enthusiastic about hiring my photography services and was eager to meet with me and talk more details. My life is constantly busy and I sometimes find myself having a multitude of appointments to meet on a single day. Fashion, thus, is not always on my side - not even make up sometimes! I remember meeting my prospective client one evening and realized through the conversation she had lost the excitement of my photography based on single aspect - she questioned my age. Now she did not flat out say, Wow, you are young! or ask How old are you? But the look in her face said it all. I looked, well, frumpy. Thankfully, I look much younger than I am - way younger. I'm sure as I near my fifties that will be a big plus. At the moment, however, it is sometimes a struggle. I feel people often forget I am educated, smart, and have potential to learn simply because I look so young. Dressing frumpy certainly does not help.

Speaking to the ladies of Delta Zeta helped me not only help them but help myself. I remembered the importance of looking your best - always with a great attitude. I interpret dressing appropriately as respecting myself. I felt this was key to explaining to the girls. In the process of my presentation, I realized my own message was for me as well. My photography business is growing; it's growing quickly. I will let my work speak for itself but help with my personal appearance. I want to be respected in my profession, don't you? My life is one crazy ride, but I am glad I have opportunities to take a step back, analyze and work on making things even better. I have God to thank for that ;)

I'd like to thank the ladies of Delta Zeta for inviting me to their chapter retreat. It reminded me of the fun collegiate days as an active member of my beloved sorority. I wish you ladies lots of luck and hope you come on board to the alumnae chapter after graduation ;)

Happy Saturday ;)