Monday...Maybe Monday ;)

I literally just came up with the following concept, literally. I want to create a more consistent reading flow with this blog so as I typed out the title to this post it just came to me. Well, my fingers actually... Maybe Mondays. Maybe Mondays will keep you, my faithful and trusty blog reader, up to date with all of my musings... whatever they may be. <-- Ha ha, maybe. On a more concrete note, I will use my Monday postings to reflect on what I should have done instead in hopes of making my Mondays much more productive. For some reason we all feel sluggish on Monday morning and know that there are many tasks to accomplish for the week yet I, personally, often feel I waste my Mondays thinking I'll do that tomorrow. I will make my Mondays much more productive, maybe.

Regardless, I hope that my Maybe Monday's relieve the stress of having Too Much To Do Tuesdays.... The ultimate goal, for now, is to realize that all of the maybe's for Mondays will become actions and make me much more productive. During college I learned great time management skills. Apparently I seem to have lost them after graduation. I need my Maybe Mondays to push me back in the right direction... time is of the essence :)

So, for today's Maybe Monday... Maybe I should have gone to the gym right after work today so that I could have been home early and begin editing a wedding. Hmmm... Maybe ;)

On a side note, I'm never too busy to photograph my chipoodles... ;)

Happy Monday!