It's all about strategy.

Life, it's like a game of chess don't you think? We have to think about the choices we make and those we fail to do. It's all about strategy. You have to take risks in life but you can't live without putting some deep thought into important aspects of your own life. Right? I've been rather busy these past week but a lot of being busy has been spent on pondering thoughts. About what you ask? {Sigh...} Many things bloggernet, too many if you ask me. I'm a thinker, though, so it is no harsh punishment on my behalf. Since I've been doing so much thinking and have, only recently, learned to play chess I figured my mind could use some fun focusing on photographing some simple objects. It was a beautiful day and though my subjects did not move or smile, I highly enjoyed composing the following images. What do you think?


Happy Sunday and Happy Valentine's Day :)