+sites... Showit Rocks ;)

I like creating websites, not as much as like photography but pretty close... But I like to have lots of control on what I'm creating and how I can create it. I may not always know the proper ways to do a certain something but I use my brain to its fullest in attempting to accomplish what I set out to. It's like brain therapy, really. Well after blog-stalking the fabulous Miss Jasmine Star for a while last year I read she highly recommended using Showit for your photography website. I was weary at first but after scoping out the Showit website for a few months I finally busted out my debit card, that's right debit, and made the splurge. Boy was I happy :) I am no Jasmine Star but I do too highly recommend Showit for your website needs... you really can show it fast! A few months ago I created my website and look forward to really experimenting with creativity and producing a final outcome. Try it out!.. You'll love it - it's ahh-mah-zing!

Speaking of how awesome Showit is... a while back they developed the idea and made it possible to make mini-sites for your clients. How cool is that? Too cool if you ask me ;) So, without further ado... to all my prospective clients... listen up peeps... Your photography package {Portrait, Wedding, Pets, anything for that matter...} now include your own personal mini-site displaying the favorite images from your shoot. Neat, huh? I sure hope you think so... Below is a +site for The Zamoras displaying some of their favorite photos from their family Christmas portraits last year. You can read about it here :) Check out the latest page I just posted using Showit: