Believe. The world is beautiful.

Dear friends,

Have you ever looked around you and wondered how the world became to be? Don't panic, I will not go uber-philosophical on you... Ever question how the feelings that we feel ever came to be? Have I planted a seed in your mind now? If you haven't, you should take a moment and think about it, it'll make your brain happy ;) So February is in full swing and Valentine's Day is just around the corner meaning love is in the air, theoretically of course.

So while many of you ponder over the happiness or unhappiness of Cupid's day, I encourage you to celebrate yourself this Valentine's Day. If you don't have a valentine, be your own. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers and eat a little, just a little, bit of chocolate. And if your heart belongs to someone, then make it memorable. Say I love you with deeper passion or simply smile. Gifts are not the essence, love is.

Have I gone soft on you? Nah, I just realized people go crazy in February ;) That and I'm a sucker for hearts and a little thing we call L.O.V.E. Aren't you?

Speaking about love, I love this picture ;)

Have a beautiful and ah-mazing week ;)