The road less traveled.

It could be the severe lack of sleep I am suffering from or I may have completely gone bonkers but I am totally guilty of nurturing ideas of revolt. What?! You ask, put your pitchfork down bloggernet I am not rounding up the masses in a fight for conservatism or liberalism. Rather, I am creating a revolution within the people I come across. I enjoy meeting new people and engaging in interesting conversations. Since it has been a whole year from college graduation, I rarely have the liberty to engage in random, yet oh-so-intelligent, theoretical arguments, ahem, discussions. But just recently, my dear friends have entrusted in me a mere, simple thought and I have helped spark a fire within them.

So where am I headed? Be free my friends! If it means revolt against the oppressor then jump away. Of course I am speaking metaphorically for the crossroad I find myself at the present moment. I am trying really hard to jump start this photography business but my helmet seems to wear off easily. Never fear my people, I am one tough cookie ;) Who is my oppressor you may ask, well of course I will tell you. ME! I am my own oppressor. My fear sometimes keeps me from jumping high enough or as far as I really want to. Well, all year I have been working hard to throw that out the window. See ya later Mr. Fear.

Anyway, I wrote this to inspire myself to jump farther and whoever else out there in this world who stumbles accross my verbiage. Don't be afraid of anything. Fear nothing but the Lord because he will always take care of you. When you stop worrying about the what-if's you realize the what you have done and that feeling is oh-so-good.

Oh, and I am still working on spreading the business cards throught the world (ok, just South Texas - FOR NOW!!!) I'll keep you updated. And remember, God loves you.

If I rambled, I am sorry. I am also very sleepy ;)
Have a beautiful day and conquer your little piece of the world :)