Wednesday Nothings & and a Quickie Update :)

Bloggernet... (short sigh) as you may have noticed my blog is currently undergoing a strategically planned makeover. Problem is, though (longer sigh), my plans turns out to be not so strategic. I have been struggling for almost a whole week now trying to correct the html or xml or whatever it is I am doing with the blog. Alas, I may have to soon turn to the professionals since I cannot seem to read weird code... bummer. Still, I encourage you to keep coming back for daily updates, information, and of course photos!

I have some interesting news and updates for 2010 and look forward to sharing all my news and goals with you. As for the quickie update, I want to announce that I will now also be shooting "Boudoir" photography for all the women interested in having some beautiful, sexy yet oh-so-charmingly proper photos for their spouses or significant others. These will make great Valentine's Day gifts for those of you who like interesting, new, and thoughtful gifts for your prince charmings.

If you are interested in having a Boudoir photography shoot, call Marisol Izaguirre Photography at (956) 605-1056 or email at to book your session and discuss shoot details. If you book by February 1st you will receive a FREE 8x10 photo enlargement.

Happy Wednesday :)