G.I.R.L. Power ;) & an itty bitty announcement!

Ahh... the perks of being a girl {if your a man reading this... it'll be short ;)} ribbons and pearls and diamonds galore. I adore being a girl. I love all the quirky things that make being a woman so fun and unique. We get to play dress up everyday - although it is a perk I don't often take advantage of. I admit it, I'm frumpy - aka lazy. Sorry. My dear future husband, it is important that you know no matter how much I love dresses and adore glamorous evening gowns, I will always prefer a big t-shirt (the largest possible!) and a good old pair of jeans. Although I love ribbons and curls, the impeccable length of my hair will always make that much more difficult. But dear husband I've yet to know, please know that no matter what I love being a girl.

Maybe it's the hopeless romantic within me but I love anything girly that oozes femininity. If only I could implement it in my everyday lifestyle - ahh but I guess I am just often a tad-bit too lazy. But I try :)

Anyway... as per the itty-bitty announcement... I've booked my third wedding of the year!!! {I just jumped up for joy internet, really.} Yes, I am so excited to have been chosen to photograph a special couple's long awaited celebration of marriage. Sigh, how I love L.O.V.E.

and because I love all things girly...

Happy Tuesday and don't forget to smile  :)