Lilly + Erik = Engagement Photos

In second grade my best friend and I had a fight. We were so mad at each other over who knows what that we made our friends take sides. Yup, we literally divided our class in half for one whole day. At the moment the fight seemed to last forever but when I think back I realize we were only mad at each other for a day. It was silly. It is silly but that is what makes childhood memories fun. My dear friend Lilly and I have since grown up and our friendship drifted through the grades. After high school graduation we have since become friends again and I'm glad. She's a good person.

I'm excited for her upcoming nuptials to her very own prince charming Erik. They are truly perfect for each other and I am delighted to be a member of their wedding party. A few months after their engagement they were in need for a photo for their save the date's and of course I came to the rescue. I make a very good bridesmaid, I think ;) Although for obvious reasons I will not be photographing their wedding I was delighted to have taken some engagement photos to capture their joy and happiness.

Everytime I hang out with them my cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling. Their love is true, it's real. So being around them makes you smile.
Lilly and Erik I congratulate you both on your engagement and look forward to sharing your special day as part of your wedding party. I wish you both every happiness and many blessings.

Happy Tuesday :)