Museums and Stuff

I can sit in a library for hours. At the top of my favorite things to do and things that make me smile lists is being in a library. I browse the bookshelves from top to bottom one aisle at a time. I love to read but I love even more reading each title in the bookshelves. I read the title and imagine what the book may be about. I love it. It makes me smile.

I think it is because I am an observer by nature. I observe; It's what I do naturally. People speak to me and I observe. I study their facial expressions, their mannerisms, everything. I learn from them. In everything I do I observe. Imagine a sponge dropped in water... it absorbs everything. I'm a sponge. Thus, it is no surprise to me that in every step I take I often see things differently. I view the world and create a mental photograph.

When there's a camera in my hand, I think it gets better. The inherent observer in me multiplies times a bazillion, yes a bazillion, and my mind begins to explode with imagination. I was the kid who loved to read because I loved to picture the story in my mind. I apply this inherent talent of mine in my photography and it makes being behind the lense so much more fun :) It, too, makes me happy.

Because I love to observe, I am also a sucker for museums. I take my time and read everything there is to read about each exhibit. I always learn something :) A few weeks ago I took a trip to the International International Museum of Arts and Sciences [commonly referred to IMAS] down here in the Rio Grande Valley. Like usual, I perused the halls and read evertything in sight about every object. I enjoyed it and I recommend you take a visit. Museums are fun, trust me ;)

My favorite exhibit was the ICONS stained glass windows exhibit. They are beautiful and made me feel peaceful.

This following crucifix is from a different exhibit. I thought it was beautiful. Isn't the artistic creation amazing?
This one made me smile... It spoke to me ;)
Yours truly...I love jewelry boxes. They give me the warm fuzzies. Really.
I encourage you my dear friends, whether it is one or many of you, to explore the world around you. Start with a museum or a simple park you may often overlook. Find the beauty of existence in the people, things, and places that exist around you. The beauty and serenity will amaze you.

Happy Monday :)