Bridal sessions are definitely a southern tradition. I love the planning and effort that goes into putting a bridal session together. My brides get a first look at what their complete wedding look and we get to enjoy a morning or afternoon of peaceful smiling and lots of girly giggles. Moms usually tag a long and I get to photograph a beautiful woman so eager to wear her dream dress in anticipation of her beloved wedding day. Gosh, the perks of being a girl!

The worst part, however, is the wait - no matter how long or short - before I am able to share with the world some of those bridal gorgeousness. Ahhh!

As I dive into my 2014 wedding season, bridal sessions are quickly filling up my calendar as these late spring, summer and fall weddings draw a little closer. That means a lot of prettiness that I have to wait to share with you. Case in point, one of my June bride in her beautiful bridal attire. So since I can't quite share those with you yet… here's a photo of a branch. The branch was right by my bride but we can't let the groom see yet!

2014 © Marisol Izaguirre

2014 © Marisol Izaguirre

Happy First Day of Spring!!