Old Hidalgo Pumphouse Bridal Session | Hidalgo, Texas

Cynthia scheduled her bridal session back in March and I had to wait until after the first weekend in June to share her images. While they have been officially wed for just a little under three months, I am finally catching up on my blogging. Thus, I am finally ready to share some of my favorites from her bridal session. Cynthia in her bridal gown was simply breathtaking. She is so quite and somewhat timid to the untrained eye. Once you get the conversation flowing, she loves to laugh and giggle while flashing her beautiful smile. After having met Cynthia over a year and a half before the wedding date, seeing her in the lovely wedding gown she meticulously chose was very much exciting for me as I am sure for her family. 

We spent a lovely afternoon in March exploring the lovely Old Hidalgo Pumphouse in Hidalgo, Texas. Capturing Cynthia in her bridal glow, the pump house provided a simple and lovely backdrop to the beautiful bride. Cynthia you are beautiful!

Cynthia made a beautiful bride. It was a pleasure spending the evening with Cynthia and her parents as we discussed the emotions of the entire family leading up to the wedding. Favorites from the wedding day will hit the blog soon!

Have a great day friends!


Bridal sessions are definitely a southern tradition. I love the planning and effort that goes into putting a bridal session together. My brides get a first look at what their complete wedding look and we get to enjoy a morning or afternoon of peaceful smiling and lots of girly giggles. Moms usually tag a long and I get to photograph a beautiful woman so eager to wear her dream dress in anticipation of her beloved wedding day. Gosh, the perks of being a girl!

The worst part, however, is the wait - no matter how long or short - before I am able to share with the world some of those bridal gorgeousness. Ahhh!

As I dive into my 2014 wedding season, bridal sessions are quickly filling up my calendar as these late spring, summer and fall weddings draw a little closer. That means a lot of prettiness that I have to wait to share with you. Case in point, one of my June bride in her beautiful bridal attire. So since I can't quite share those with you yet… here's a photo of a branch. The branch was right by my bride but we can't let the groom see yet!

2014 © Marisol Izaguirre

2014 © Marisol Izaguirre

Happy First Day of Spring!!