Brand New.

Finally! After hours, days, weeks and two months of attempting to re-work the aesthetic appeal of my photography brand I finally completed my three self-set projects. 

A few weeks ago, back in November to be exact, I decided that I needed to take some time to myself and really think about where my photography is headed. After being pregnant for the past nine months and only four weddings last year, I am ready to tackle wedding photography again. I will admit, it seems getting back into the swing of things and finding a working routine proves to be much more difficult with a newborn around but I am determined to find our way for it to work. I absolutely love that my job allows me to be a hands on full-time mother. 

So without further ado, I officially present you a re-vamped up blog, website, and the addition of a boudoir photography website. It's a brand new month, March 1st of 2013, and my wedding season is about to begin. I am ready.

This little lady is back and I am so very excited about photography!!!

I propose a toast.

To the greatest loves in our lives...
For the bride and groom, it's their respective fiances.
For the husbands and wives, it's loving their soul mate.
For humanity as a whole, it's admiration of our world.
For me, it's my brand new family.

I am feeling so inspired. And to that, my beloved friends, I toast!