It's already February and the this year is well on its way! 

My personal life has kept me a little pre-occupied but I am still finding ways to get back on track. Marisol Izaguirre Photography is still keeping busy and I am working on balancing out caring for a newborn and working on a re-brand of this business.

With that said, I am currently working on a new web and blog layout. I can't wait to share the final products with you! I am also still technically on my self-proclaimed maternity leave but yet very much still active with the photography. I am still meeting with brides and grooms and have met an array of wonderful brides and grooms this past month! If you are recently engaged and looking for a wedding photographer, please feel free to give me call. We can set up an appointment for you to come into the office and chat all about your wedding details. 

Anyway, I wanted to just give you a little heads up on some aesthetic changes headed to Marisol Izaguirre Photography. 

Back to blogging... yay!!!


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