Baby Sophia.

Last month I said I was contemplating on whether I would be offering newborn photography anymore. After photographing the last baby, I felt at a crossroads. I went on to write, "I still have not made a concrete decision on the "Baby Issue" but I do know that Baby Zoey was both a great baby to end my "baby career" or a nice reminder of why I should meet more newborns."  I have since photographed another beautiful baby girl and I am currently awaiting the arrival of my next newborn to photograph. Eeek!! 

Babies are just so darn cute that I could not see myself passing up the opportunity to photograph them in all of their babyness when requested. Earlier this month I photographed beautiful baby Sophia. I must note that when I photographed her, she was already 20 days old. Relevance? Well, I personally adhere to a strict guideline when I photograph newborns... I do not photograph babies older than 7-10 days old and really I stick to under 7 days. It's a tough rule but it is what I have found works best for me  when photographing babies and for the babies I have photographed. I made an exception for Sophia because I just couldn't help it... she was such a cutie!

While last year I photographed quite a few baby boys, this year I find myself photographing lots of pink! Sophia was no exception... full of pink headbands and outfits. Sophia was such an amazingly good baby to photograph. She was awake when I arrived but quickly fell asleep after enjoying her bottle. She fell asleep and remained that way for most of her session. Adorable :)

Welcome to the world Sophia!!!

Okay, she had one "thirty-second" period of pure crying but then she went back to sleep merrily. 

Sergio and Gaby, congratulations on the newest addition to your family!! Thank you for relying on me to photograph your sweet baby girl who is just as precious are her big sister. I wish you many blessings for  all of your three healthy, loving and beautiful children. Again, congrats! 

If you are having a baby soon and would like to inquire more information regarding newborn photography, please send me an email. I'd love to chat with you about the brand new Mommy+Me Collection I am now offering and would love to photograph your bundle of joy. 

Happy Wednesday!