Yes, I said it.

Before you misunderstand my message let me preface: I use NIKON for my cameras and lenses. My very first camera was a little D60. I then upgraded to a D300s. I am now looking to upgrade into another D-something for my camera bag...

Gear has been on my mind lately for a few varying reasons. First, it's time for an upgrade. I have outgrown my current camera and itching for more. Fair enough, right? Second, and unfortunately, gear has been on my mind because over the past week I have allowed someone's comments to affect me.

I said I could swim, remember? Then the sharks reminded me why I so often stay away from the water.

Someone asked me, flatly, if the photos I was showing were actually mine. Surely, this was merely an ice breaker, right? The hurtful comment, however, were the words inquiring how I could photograph with such an old camera. Yikes! I could have sworn I was using a digital camera and not a disposable Kodak...

Please excuse my pungent humor.

I have to make myself giggle or else I think I'd burrow myself into a corner. Some people are mean while others have an exquisite way of making you feel so much better. The past week and half I have received both hurtful and happy words. I could opt to dwell in the former but I choose the latter. I want to thank the kind people, my fellow peers, who have been nothing but kind to me recently, in the future, and from the very beginning. It's nice to have genuine hearts to cheer you on! Thank you Melissa, Amanda, Raymond and Che, who in the span of a few days made me smile!

{1.3 megapixels... can you believe that?!}

Let's have a great day friends!!!