Baby Zoey

A while back I photographed an old best friend. Ariana gave birth to her very first child this past weekend, a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations Ariana!!! (To view Ariana's maternity session, please CLICK HERE.) Baby Zoey is absolutely adorable, sweet and beautiful in every possible way imaginable. I have not photographed very many babies in the span of the past two-three years. I often think it is because I don't have that motherly instinct at the present moment so babies still make me a little bit nervous. However, every now and then comes a baby that wins over my heart. 

This time, it was Baby Zoey. 

I had been contemplating whether I would continue to offer newborn portraits for any future clients. I was most certain that Baby Zoey would be the last baby I'd photograph, at least for a few years. I figured I'd refer new parents to great baby photographers, I know a few ;)

I still have not made a concrete decision on the "Baby Issue" but I do know that Baby Zoey was both a great baby to end my "baby career" or a nice reminder of why I should meet more newborns. :)

Zoey was asleep the entire time. Not once did she let out a scream. What a cutie-patootie! The best part, she practically posed herself. Everytime her grandma Marty and I would move her and pose her a certain way she would move and pose a different way. Ariana, you may have a supermodel in waiting. Her mommy bought her the cutest little pink hats! They were cute but Zoey made them look so much cuter.

Welcome to the world Zoey!!!

Ariana congratulations on Baby Zoey's arrival!!! You are so blessed my friend. You will make an amazing mother and wish you and your little family all the blessings God has planned for you!!! Xoxoxox