I did it, I finally jumped. 

I've jumped before but this time it's different. 

After working as a legal assistant with GRGP I made the decision to let my job go. The stability, I took it out from under my own two feet. The safety net, I cut it free. Am I afraid? Perhaps. But I am letting go of the fear. 

My biggest weakness is believing I can do it all.

I can't. 

I can try, and I have. But at some point, always, you have to choose and I have chosen. I am back to being a FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHER.


My 2011 clients, I am so very sorry for letting you down. For not answering right away. For allowing myself to fall and not knowing how to get myself back up. But I thank you for your trust. Thank you. I am blessed to have amazing people to work for. I am here. I am back. I am in the now

I'm ready to build. I will build. Watch me grow.

The Lord is with me, God I am yours.