Mariel. South Padre Island, Texas

I turned 26 years old this past December and spent my birthday in the most subtle form I could have ever imagined... celebrating the engagement and upcoming wedding of two random people I had never previously met. 

Let me preface.

Succumbing into my late twenties had me tip-toeing around the topic of birthday celebrations. Quite frankly, I did not want to do anything fancy. I wanted to turn a year older and nothing else. So when my sorority sister Sofia suggested traveling to Austin for a road trip I happily agreed. On my birthday, I woke up away from home and subtly began a chilly day as if it was any other day. 

I had lunch and played games all while getting to know two beautiful people who were celebrating their engagement... Sofia introduced me to her best friend Mariel and she and her fiance welcomed me with open arms into their celebration, literally. Only such a sweet couple would remind me how special birthdays at their engagement party... thank you!

I have known Mariel for a short a amount of time now, just a few months actually, but I think I was destined to meet her because she is an absolute gem. Beautiful, intelligent and quite a special lady, Mariel is truly a smile on a rainy day. 

She and Nick, her husband, have just wed this past February and I can finally share with you Mariel's bridal session images. I was not her wedding photographer, I was merely blessed to be a guest. But after having met each other, Mariel opted to hire me for a bridal session. 

Their wedding was an absolute blast and I am delighted to have been allowed to share with them. Mariel, you are gorgeous!!!

We spent a lovely afternoon in January photographing along with the help of Yva, Sofia and Marie's amazing wedding planner Valerie from Bridal Trends Weddings at South Padre Island. We began at the actual wedding day venue, the Namar Event Center, and transitioned into the SPI World Birding Center. Both locations were absolutely beautiful... 

Mariel, the adjective beautiful does you no justice... you are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Mariel, thank you for choosing me to photograph you in the most beautiful gown you'll wear. I am delighted to have met you back in December and, even more-so, to be able to continue to learn about you. You are such a kind, caring and lovely soul trapped inside a petite being. I congratulate you and Nick on your recent nuptials and wish you every happiness in a very blessed marriage! Congratulations again!!!

Xoxo :)