Mom + Dad... Donna, Texas

Nothing can break a family bond. Nothing.

My family would not be where it is today if it weren't for two very special people... my parents. Of many things they have taught me, they teach me every day to move forward, to challenge all the obstacles and to keep reaching for something better. 

I photographed my parents back in the last weeks of October on a spontaneous and random Sunday. For a while I had thought about setting up a little shoot and looking for two models to portray a couple in love. I had so many things from a wedding that didn't get to be and really wanted to see what my mind dreamt up looked like in real life. I am not a fan of staged shoots... I like real and candid moments. Perhaps this is why it took me forever to actually do this. The best part, however, is that I realized I could just use my parents as the couple. 

Here's the even better part --> my parents do not have a single photo from their wedding day! Yikes! Can you imagine the horror I felt to find this out. Their wedding photographer never gave them their pictures after their wedding day. Total bummer... especially for a wedding photographer! So then it dawned on me, using my parents would be oh-so-beneficial...

One, I would not have to search for models. Two, my parents are in love and could express real emotion. Third, and most importantly, we can finally, f-i-n-a-l-l-y have wedding portraits of our parents. I thought it was a genius idea ;)

This session literally took 15 minutes as the sun was setting. Ugh, we were definitely on a time crunch. I think it took me longer to comb my mom's hair than she actually spent in front of the camera. But the results, they are priceless. These images mean so much to me and my brothers. Truly they have become instant heirlooms. 

Photographing my parents was effortless. They were so nervous in front of the camera but very attentive to the direction I gave them. Come to think of it, I didn't even give them that much direction. I simply observed them through my lens and saw them behave like newlyweds. It was quite adorable watching them. Looking through the images, it feels like they are just recently married... I can see the emotions all over their expressions, mannerisms and body language. 

In most situations, a mother cries when her daughters tries on a wedding dress. I cried when I saw my mom dressed in the wedding gown. Words cannot express the joy I felt in my heart when i saw her dressed. I can only imagine if she were in my shoes. The birdcage veil she wore was a gift from the antique shop owner where I purchased the gown. It's dainty, feminine and full of character. It's very worn but very beautiful. If you look closely, you can see the places where it's almost falling apart. I think it gives the veil character ;) And my dad, my dad's agreement to let me photograph him with mom came with a condition... I had to let him wear his new white suit recently purchased. Umm... dad fails to realize he's no Miami vice... hahah! I cringed at the thought but I agreed. I could not have been more happier with his choice. I think having the both of them in white is lovely and my dad looks quite dapper in his suit. Great choice. 

Yva and I incorporated three things into the session: things I already had, a vintage wedding dress I had purchased earlier this year, and items from my parent's wedding. The rest is pure love.

This is the cake topper and utensils from their real wedding way back when.... Love!

I would be a very different person if it were not for these two people. Mom and dad, I love you. I love you very much. We, your children, are so proud of everything you have accomplished and of the family you have raised. 

Marisol, Michael, AJ and Brandon :)

*******Thank you to my three brothers for coming along and helping out. My three strong brothers helped in loading and unloading. They also enjoyed seeing mom and dad as a couple... in wedding attire expressing their love. And thank you to my assistant Yva who helped set up and made it all look pretty.

Make it a great week friends!