The Wolfpack - Donna, Texas

Umm,  I have the craziest dogs - ever. 

I'll confess it's really late at night and I am seriously contemplating staying up until morning only so I can cook up bacon and have it for breakfast. I did not get much food today so I am feeling quite hungry right about now. Bacon... I can almost smell the bacon cooking.

As I lay here on my bed reading and working on a few things, I can't help but giggle at my chihuahuas who, in Particular Luna, keep making faces of Won't you please go to sleep already? I'm tired and you are keeping me up. I feel bad. Then I think they are so quirky and funny. And I remember some hilarious photos I took of them last month. 

Thought I'd share and make you laugh... 

In case you need one more chuckle... Luna in beast mode.  You'd think she's in the new Twilight movie. :)

My dogs - I love them. They comfort me and always provide a good laugh. They are incredible little critters. 

Six more hours until I can eat bacon... good night! :)