Feasting and cleaning up.

Yesterday the South Texas Alumnae Chapter of the Delta Zeta Sorority volunteered a few hours of our afternoon with HEB's 21st Annual Feast of Sharing.

Our turnout was small, but we still made a difference. The 2 hour shift went by way fast and we even had time to eat *before* helping out. Isn't that nice?

All throughout high school I volunteered at this annual event with school organizations. It was nice to be back... The venue is bigger, there's way more people and tons more volunteers.

And we, Delta Zeta, loved giving back.

My internet at home is not working right now so I'm blogging from my phone. Since I still wanted to blog tonight, I figured it was a perfect time to thank Annylu, Tammy, Laura, Jackie and Becca for volunteering their time.

Here's a few iPhone snippets...

What are some organizations you like to give back to?

Good night :)