For my birthday I wish for...

My birthday is in a few weeks, yikes!

I normally get very excited and have a countdown until the seconds right before my birthday. I've counted down for the past, well since I can remember. This year, I swore I wouldn't make a big deal any longer. I'll be over 25 and figured it was time to leave birthday wishes behind. 

Until I realized... who cares?! Who cares that I will be 26 and closer to thirty. Who cares that I have not definitively decided if I will follow a post graduate career or not. Who cares that I have not yet realized where I want to live. 

I'm having a birthday in a few weeks and I have a birthday wish!

I've been a late bloomer all my life. In everything. 

I have just decided I want a bike. While most kids get one from Santa or their parents around age 10, I am asking for one now. I smile at the thought of actually getting this for my birthday :)

I may, just may, buy myself a birthday gift this year...

It's a Huffy Women's Cruiser Bike, it's my favorite color and it has damask! All I need is a white basket... to carry my books, dreams and an ice cold Coca-Cola. Ahhhh.... Crossing my fingers :)


I'll need a helmet... 

Umm, yes. I still want a scooter. But this bike is only about a hundred dollars. I'm still saving up for the scooter :)

It's going to be a great week, I know it!!!

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