I'm BACK!!!!

Oh my goodness.... How hard was it to stay away and not blog? 

Very. {No, really...}

Over the past month I have learned a few things about myself I seem to not have any prior knowledge of. September has come and gone; it was definitely one of the most challenging months of 2011. 

But on a brighter, much brighter note... I wanted to formally blog a big Texas HOWDY!!! I have so much to share with you bloggernet - so much.

Where to start?....

Because my mind is really all over the place at the moment, this blog post will probably follow the same pattern. So... here's a few random odds I thought about over the past month:

  1. Having itunes on your phone has created a monster... Yikes! It's so easy, so so easy, to just Click + Buy music on my (beloved) iphone. It has also become so so easy to forget I am actually spending money every time I click. On the plus side, I have finally added {tons} of new music to my ipod.
  2. Carrying books around in the car does not, I repeat, does not make their contents miraculously embed itself in your brain. Trust me ;) 
  3. Barnes and Nobles has taken a chunk of my money this month... I need to make time to read everything I have purchased. 
  4. I want a kindle... I think. Still debating this one.
  5. I may very well be obsessed with turtles. Okay, I am.
  6. Some one needs to pry the Coca-Cola from my hands. Please.
  7. In one week I ate way too many breakfast tacos. They were yummy nonetheless.
  8. Breakfast tacos have, thus, added a few pounds to my tummy. {Grrr...}
  9. I'm going to have a little girl!!! Whoah - okay, so I'm going to be a GODMOTHER!!! I'm so excited :) I'll have a cute little girl to shop for now, yay!
  10. I have decided I'd love a husband who would massage my little feet after a long, long, long, day of work. And a back rub too :)
  11. I {finally} understand the allure of Dancing with the Stars.
  12. I heart Stewie from Family Guy :)
  13. I actually like strawberries. {Whoah.}
  14. I heart Grayson from Drop Dead Diva but boy did he miss the boat on losing out on Jane {his soulmate!!!!} I really hope he's  not too late... did you catch the season finale?! Boo to waiting a WHOLE year to find out what happens. Impatient much? Umm... YES!
  15. I don't want to ever discuss parking. Ever. {Blahh! There's a good story to this.}
  16. I let a random stylist in a different city cut my hair. Oh-my... I'm spontaneous.
  17. I may have a little shopping problem, slightly.
  18. I eat way too many chocolate chip cookies. But it's okay :)
  19. I have great long term memory. I have zero short term memory. 
  20. I'm obsessed with buying mini stuff... mini cokes, mini pencils, mini everything!!!
  21. I need a little truck :)
  22. I can't carry all of my equipment. {Thanks Yva!!!}
  23. I may very well be maturing into a stronger woman I ever thought I could be. Jury is still out...
  24. I am falling. ;) Read-between-the-lines. 
  25. I finally went to Housewine {thanks girls!!!}
  26. I need to stop self-diagnosing myself with Dr. Gooogle... ha ha!
  27. God is oh-so-cool. Trust me.
  28. I need to stop adding to my plate... metaphorically and literally.
  29. My brides {and grooms} are the coolest kids on the block. 
  30. I am sleep deprived.

And because a post is always better with a picture... here's one from this weekend - Mom and Me... October is Breast Cancer Awareness - support!!! More on this later :)

I've missed you. Good thing I'm back :) 

Sweet dreams!!!