Christina + Marco... Engaged - Part One!!! South Padre Island, Texas

I am anxiously waiting for November 19th so that I can see Christina walk down the aisle to marry Marco!!! I'm not going to lie... I was ecstatic when I first met Christina and her mom Cheryl back in May. She was the very first bride a wedding planner had recommended me to. EEK!!! I felt, honored? Yes, I felt honored. Surely it was a compliment that a wedding planner extraordinaire would think highly of me - enough to send a bride my way. 

Valerie, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Christina and Marco were meant for me...

They are such a cool, calm and collected couple. Marco and Christina have dated for a few years now and are ready to make it official. Getting married!!! The two of them enjoy spending time together relaxing and absolutely love frequenting the beach. 

Then there's Chico and Maci. Two adorable and spunky chihuahuas. 

Christina and Marco have really cool jobs. They spend their time divided between planning their future together, making a difference at the hospital as registered nurses, and loving life with Chico and Maci. Together, they are just so hip with one another. Marco is one lucky man... Christina is an absolutely beautiful woman with such a sweet personality and smile. Christina is engaged to a driven and intelligent man who is ready to make her his wife. 

M+C, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I have absolutely enjoyed getting to know the both of you on the journey to your wedding. I had a great time at the beach for your engagement session and really liked seeing Maci and Chico. I can't wait to photograph your wedding!!!! 

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite images from the first part of their engagement session. See what I mean about them being so hip and cool....

Sigh. I absolutely love photographing people in love. Come back tomorrow for part two of their engagement session!

Have an amazing week my friends!!!