Bringing Sexy Back...

I have braces.

Two weeks ago a made an appointment with the orthodontist and decided to schedule a date to have braces installed. Wow. Did I just type out installed? Yes, yes I did. I scheduled a date and didn't think about it much. I googled braces one afternoon and wondered what I would look like with metal in my mouth. 

Should I go for clear, color? Could they add rhinestones? My extensive "types of braces" always led me back to the same thing... for about two years I will beep every time I cross through a medal detector.  Oh the joy!

When my baby teeth fell out, long, long ago, and my adult teeth came in my parents could not afford braces for me at first. Then, when I made it to high school and my parents wanted to {desperately} have my teeth prettified I hesitated. Seriously, you want me to put braces on now?! By age 16 I was used to my imperfect smile. There was no way I was letting someone torture me with metal and pain.

I am 25 years old {a lady never reveals her age, but seriously on my next birthday I'm counting backwards...}. For most of 2011 I have felt like I am further in angst, existential if you will, than ever before. I have matured in ways I never imagined possible. I am stronger than I thought I could be. Blah, blah, blah... you know the deal. But I would not feel this way about myself if I had not gone through what I like to refer to as a "quarter life crisis." 

Are you laughing at me?! But really, I think I did experience a quarter life crisis... Instead of wanting to buy a Harley and coloring my gray hair {which I do have by the way!} I opted for a scooter.... 

Oh, you're definitely laughing now!

Granted, I have yet to purchase one, I seriously considered it for a few months and even imagined how I would pimp it out. 

Projects. The scooter project was simply something further to keep me preoccupied... to keep myself thinking and moving forward, no pun intended. I have tons of patience but I can also be, severely, impatient. It's quite odd. 

Getting braces was my next quarter life project. I have always wanted to wear red lipstick. I am so excited, after a few years, I will FINALLY be able to pucker up and flash you a bonafide movie star smile :) Yeah, I'm that optimistic. 

So for the past week and a half I have become best friends with Advil and hate the thought of smiling. Not because I'll flash you metal, but because it hurts!!!!! Ouch :(

On the bright side, this little lady (who is aging one year older in the next two months) is aging backwards... a la Benjamin Button.

Ahh, back to my teen years... 

This is from yesterday afternoon during one of the mini sessions... more on who took the photo r-e-a-l soon. Can you see my braces?!?!

Finally, here are some random facts about having braces... brace yourself ;) Bwahahahaha!

  1. My mom's first words when she saw me... "You're beautiful my baby!!" <-- That, my dear, is why mom is the coolest. She makes me feel oh so special ;)
  2. My younger brothers, now OFFICIALLY, look older than me and have proceeded to call me Ugly Betty. Oh how they love me!!
  3. I wanted a poncho really bad but my best friends talked me out of it because I did actually look like Ugly Betty.  It's a shame... the poncho was so cute!
  4. Braces have made me a hot commodity! Why, oh why did I not get them sooner?! Bwahahaha!!
  5. I actually don't beep through the metal detector... I tried it. Bummer, I thought that would make for a fun time.
  6. Nothing, not even braces, can stop me from eating. Never!!!!
  7. I have a little bit of a lisp when I speak now... did I spell that right? 
  8. I cannot say words with the letter "S" the way I used to....
  9. I will attempt to eat popcorn this weekend... I'm such a rebel - watch out!
  10. Umm... I can never eat in public comfortably ever again. Well, who cares :) 
  11. If you see me and I have food in stuck, PLEASE tell me!!!! 
Picture it, me on my pimped out pink scooter smiling with my baby blue braces... Oh I'm sexy now!!!

Have a great weekend my friends and smile!!!! :)