109 Years.

Today is Founder's Day... 109 years ago six women at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio decided to form the sisterhood, the bond, my sorority Delta Zeta.

More than a century later, we celebrate the continuance and strength of an amazing sisterhood. It is an honor to be a Delta Zeta. I am honored to have shared in celebration with my sisters today. All over the world and, most importantly, with the South Texas Alumnae Chapter. 

Being a Delta Zeta taught me leadership, manners and how to be organized (Yes, Yva... I can be organized!) But, most importantly, Delta Zeta brought out the best leadership qualities in me. I cannot stay in the background of any situation, big or small, and not contribute. I can't help but want to jump right in and be a leader if needed. This is a quality every Delta Zeta possesses. It's just in our nature, to be the best we can be. To reach for the stars and take our slice of success. To never give up and work hard to achieve what you desire to attain. If you want something, work for it!

Delta Zeta, HAPPY FOUNDER'S DAY!!!! 

My newest addition... definitely a favorite ;)

God has brought such amazing sisters!!!

Good night!