Today is September. May I please have a vacation?

Okay, so I know I do not need your permission but I figured I should make a tiny-itty-bitty confession... I am exhausted. More importantly, I need some time - some time to myself so that I can truly one hundred percent concentrate on something I really want.

I need this whole month to fully prepare and give my attention to a {somewhat} new and special project. Life is about sacrifices and I must sacrifice something to achieve... what is it you may ask? I'll share with you soon :) But for now, for now I feel like I need to go into hiding.

Like the moon, I feel like I am transitioning into a new phase of my life. To fully reach my next goal, both personally and professionally, I have decided to take some time off from you, the internet (gasp!). I may quite possibly be absent from this blog throughout the month and will definitely avoid, at all costs, from networking (umm... wasting time?! ha!!) on Facebook and Twitter. 

Also, I will not be scheduling any new appointments in the month of September. If you need to schedule a session, it will have to be in October or later. 

What's that? You'll miss me dear internet? You're too sweet! But don't fret... I will be back to blogging and twittering come October 1st :) And, of course, you can always reach me via email (izaguirre_marisol{at}yahoo{dot}com) or by phone call (956{dash}605{dash}1056). All previously scheduled sessions and appointments for September will go as planned :)

Please bear with me, please :)

And because I don't want to post without a picture, tonight's hiding moon....

Sweet dreams & good night.