Bridal - Leslie... Harlingen, Texas

Yesterday I photographed an amazing wedding. Trust me, the Kardashian wedding must have been fun but Leslie and Rick's wedding celebration is one I'll definitely remember...

Fast forward a 12 hour day and I awoke extremely exhausted. Hungry and exhausted.

But before I share with you their wedding photos I am excited to {finally!!!} blog Leslie's bridal session. The vows have been said. The cake has been eaten. And the Mr. and Mrs. Zuniga are well on their way to their romantic honeymoon. 

Leslie is an amazingly caring person, a loving individual. She truly embodies the definition of sweet... she is a wonderfully sweet human being. I met her almost a year ago and she has always been so kind and caring towards me. I'm only her photographer so I can only infer how special her loved ones feel around her. 

And guess what, she is absolutely beautiful!!!

I couldn't decide between color or black in white... so I'll share both :) 

My dear friends, I hope you are having an amazingly fun weekend!!!