Golden Girls.

I'm laying here in my bed in my mismatched pajamas writing today's blog post. I was prepared to blog Brycee's and David's wedding but I have decided to put that off for another day. I've watched two episodes of The Golden Girls (have you ever seen it?!) and realized how much I love watching this rather dated show. By dated I mean it's a few decades old yet I can totally relate to many of its messages. 

Granted, I am not an elderly woman, but, for some reason, it always brings a smile to my face. The underlying friendship - the bond - that the women portray in the show is extraordinary. 

This summer has been particularly full of growth, both personal and professional, for me and I never, ever imagined I would have such an amazing group of women besides me as support. I am not the type to seek out help; and by help, I mean if I am having a bad day I won't reach out to my friends. It's just not in my nature. I like to deal, to grieve, to mostly be by myself. 

But at the very moment, the time in my life when I truly needed someone to, metaphorically speaking, hold me up, an amazing group of women have stepped in to grab my hand and lead me forward. My sisters, my Delta Zeta Sorority sisters - my friends - are here for me.

I didn't cry out for help. Intuitively, they must have heard my need for their help and stepped in before I ever realized how much I needed them. Boy am I ever blessed. 

I thought it was imperative I stop, breathe, and personally thank all of you for being there for me, for listening to me, for talking to me, for advising me, for simply being yourselves when I absolutely have needed it the most. Words, these words, cannot express how thankful I am to know, and befriend, such genuine and kind-hearted women. 

Yva, Sofia, Erica and Debra... among the rest, you have really, really wholeheartedly given me your ears this summer. And for that, I thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am loved and you have shown me that through every text, every email, every tweet, and every conversation. What would I do without you?

In the words of a lovely theme song... "Thank you for being a friend..."

 I love you girls very much. Again, thank you.

Wedding on the blog tomorrow!!!! Good night and be blessed :)