Brycee + David... Married!!! Edinburg, Texas

What bride tells her photographer, while she's getting her hair and make up done, "You look beautiful!"

Brycee does.

When I first met David and Brycee, a few months back, I knew they were a right fit for my photography and my personality. I spoke with David first (remember I wrote about how my brides are so lucky with their very involved grooms) and later met Brycee. Instantly, I felt a connection that I am sure they felt too because essentially I was hired! 

As the summer neared and their wedding date grew closer, I spent a lovely afternoon with David and Brycee during their engagement session and I knew it was in our paths to work with one another. I am so delighted that I was chosen by them to photograph their wedding day. Having barely met them, conversation was nonetheless effortless and so natural. I really felt like they were my good friends. And Brycee, Brycee is most certainly some long lost best friend. 

Spending much of her wedding day with her, I almost felt as if I knew her from somewhere before. I can't quite put my finger on it, but what I am sure of is the love Brycee and David share. The love they share for one another is impeccably detailed... detailed in the sense that you can almost see hearts floating from around them the minute they hold hands.

Okay, I'm not trying to be cheesy, but their love is so sweet and tender that it could only be written in fairytales. But this is no fairytale... it is real life. And Brycee and David are madly in love with one another and have been for the past few years. 

It was only fitting to take the next step and marry each other. 

And they did. 

Brycee and David, thank you so much for letting me get to know you. I had a lovely time at your utterly romantic wedding. Your ceremony, your vows, your love is truly inspiring. I only hope I was able to capture that, your essence, in your wedding photography. I wish you both every blessing in store for you and, once again, congratulate you on your marriage!!!

To their happily ever after...

Be blessed my friends!!!