I'm on the ground, climbing trees, rollig on the dirt... this is merely a description of some of the things I do to capture an image. I truly enjoy my job; no mountain is high enough to keep me from climbing it. I may sometimes, maybe even often, not climb it all but I will always try, always. At first glance, I do not seem like much of a risk tasker. But don't be fooled. Every decision I make, be it large or small, I ponder meticulously before jumping.

I may appear indecisive, but, really, I am just weighing my options. So when I decide, I feel confident with my choice and can move forward without peeking back. When I have a camera in my hands, my brain is often traveling a million miles per minute. I am constantly thinking about what to capture and how to capture it next; where to go, what to say, and what to do.

Yes, I may often have a confused look on my face during this process, but fear not my beloved clients... I am merely concentrating. As a photographer, you have to be constantly aware of your surroundings; you may never know what may be lurking around the corner...

When I photograph near the beach, on a dock and on a boat, I get sea sick and my knees secretly tremble at the tought of drowning. Today an alligator made me weak in the knees... and for once, thus far, I was oh-so-glad I was not on the ground to become someone's lunch!!!

Ah, the perils of my job... I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

{Okay, so I still get the chills at the thought of that alligator chomping on my little body... agh!!}

Make it a GREAT week my friends :)