I know I said I'd blog Virginia and Omar's wedding today but I completely forgot today is my parent's anniversary... so in honor of their love, marriage and our family I'm writing about them....

I have realized that no relationship needs to be perfect to reach marriage. I have also realized, however, that one needs to be truly happy to attain love, real love. So at a time when I could have become a complete cynic and sworn off any future prospects of marriage, I am in fact more anxious than ever... anxious to be happy and find love. And, maybe one day, meet my soul mate and get married. Yes, soul mate. 

My parents celebrated another anniversary this year, twenty years of being with one another. Growing up together, learning each other's cultures, raising four children and many, many pets, and, most importantly, being in love.  I have seen them endure fights, endure sickness, endure trouble and reach happiness - time after time. 

I am saddened at the fact that my mom's first marriage never made it, but I have come to truly appreciate the fact that my step-dad came along, her prince charming, and rescued us both. And I am delighted that I was able to be a part of this wedding... too bad I wasn't a photographer in elementary school...

I believe in soul mates and happily ever afters. I believe in finding your prince charming and being swept off your feet. I believe. After all, I am a wedding photographer... 

Mom and Dad, Happy Anniversary!!! Michael, AJ, Brandon and I love you :)

I have asked my mother for wedding photos but, unfortunately, their wedding photographer never showed up on their wedding day. Boo! But there is a home video which we recently watched together as a family a few weeks ago (photo above is from that little video). My mother, just as I clearly remember, was truly beautiful. She radiated in her beautiful gown. I remember watching her walk down the aisle and thinking she looked like a princess. (I also remember being extremely bored during the ceremony... sorry - I was a little kid!) 

But of the entire wedding day, what I remember the most is how nervous my dad was waiting at the front of the altar. My mom was running late to the church and I clearly, very clearly, remember seeing my dad pacing. He looked nervous and at that exact moment, I think I completely accepted him. I knew he loved my mother, my beautiful mother. 

Their wedding was very much a DIY wedding... with the cutest two-tiered wedding cake. It was just the perfect size :) I don't remember much of the party... I wore a green bridesmaid dress my grandmother made and chased my little cousins around the yard. They held their reception at home and shared their celebration with a few of their closest family and friends. 

I am secretly hoping my mother lets me plan a vow renewal for next year or something because I want to photograph them both... and make heirloom memories :)

To semi-quote my friend and sorority sister Yva,  and in honor of my parents, I propose a toast...
... To everyone who above all believes in love and is searching for their fairytale.
Happy Anniversary to my parents!

Good night :)